Ministry Area, Vision Day

This last Saturday, members of the ministry area council and our church councils gathered together to share the Good news that has been happening in the churches and to work on with Archdeacon Ian our vision for the next five years.

This was based on the diocesan five branches’ vision. It was a valuable time to gather together, get to know people we didn’t necessarily know and look to the future hopefully.

The outcome of this work was our five vision statements which you can find below. These will help guide us in our activity in the next year and into the future.

A Prayer for Growing Branches

Follow me, follow me

Disciples we will be,

We will never be alone

As we leave our comfort zone

May we do what God will ask

In our attitude and task.

Would Jesus ask of me

To love what I can see?

“Loving God”, who has us set

In a given place and, yet

To care environmentally;

Love widened to care globally.

God wants “love for neighbour”

Together we can labour,

For just exchange, and hopefully

In love and generosity;

As we encounter those we fight

May we love as best we might.

Help us each appreciate

The worth of those we meet,

Justly treating all they are,

Loving likeness, and to share

Their difference, finding equally

Mutual spirituality.

Joe Hasler March 2023

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